Join our affiliate program to earn extra cash when you share our products with your friends. Its as easy as that.

How it works

  • Sign up to become an affiliate
  • You will then receive your own personal link/code that you can share with anyone.
  • If a someone uses your link to purchase an item on Alvidae Collection, you will receive 5% commission for every sale made.

How do I get paid

  • You receive 5% commission on every sale that is generated using your link/code.
  • Once your funds have accumulated to R100 or more you will then be able to request a payout.

How do I qualify

  • There are no requirements to become an affiliate partner.



  1.  Do I get paid if someone visits the website without purchasing anything?
  • No you do not get paid from a website visit. You only get paid from a completed purchase.

2. Do I have access to my sales and commissions?

  • Yes you can view your report about your sales and commissions.

3. Can I request a payout before I reach R100?

  • No, you can only get a payout once your receive the R100 threshold.

4. Do I need to be from South Africa to be an affiliate partner?

  • No, our affiliate program is open to international customers.

5. Will I get paid if I refer someone but they don’t use my link/code?

  • No, you have to make sure the person purchases through your link/code in order for you to receive the commission.